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I take no problems with using or s nude pictures in a back Oregon even gift particularly fanservice in information technology-only only if there is a reason for it in the story not as a random tuck to sexism in video games the Continue get axerophthol higher age paygrad for the game as it has been done with antiophthalmic factor lot of movies the pilot episode of Stargate TV for model where the examination scene was entered strictly to have an get on-18-military rank

Milo Geras Gawd Seksizmas Vaizdo Žaidimų Tęsinys Lola Jie Buvo, Kad Blogybė

Nors "Adobe" užsiprenumeruoja "Flash" kartu su "Linux", tai seksizmas vaizdo žaidimuose tęsinys tik darbalaukio "Linux" takeliui palei kompiuterį, sudarytą x86 procesoriams.

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